Main dates for the company

1999: Christophe MARQUES creates CM2i

2001: 207 / 307 WRC central display improvement for Peugeot-Sport (CAN bus communication integration).

2002: AMF dashboard creation for racing cars based on PSA serial products.

2002: Helem roadster's dashboard V8 for Fior Concept.

2003: coupé RC diester's dashboard for Fior Concept, with power shift diesel HDIa a world premiere!

2003: formules France coupé's dashboard (Suzuki 1300 GSXR engine) for Exess.

2004: Norma M20's dashboard for Norma Auto Concept.

2004: CM2i becomes CRISARTECH

2005: 206 RCC's dashboard for Peugeot-Sport.

2006: 206 Groupe A and 207 S2000's dashboard and co-driver display for Peugeot-Sport.

2007: 207 Spider's dashboard for Peugeot-Sport.

2007: TB100 dashboard creation for racing cars. Conception, development and fabrication 100 % CRISARTECH

2008: 207 Spider évolution's dashboard for Peugeot-Sport.

2008: 207 RC Rallye's dashboard for Peugeot-Sport.

2009: Mitjet's dashboard (1300 Yamaha engine) for VIP Challenge.

2009: Hacker's dashboard (1340 Suzuki engine) with power shift and TRE for 999 Motorsport.

2010: display for rally co-driver creation: CR100 Chrono / Tripmaster

2010: French Fun Cup's dashboard with events recorder and power shift for Max Mamers Organisation.

2011: display for rally-raid co-driver creation: TR100 Tripmaster / Stopwatch

2013: display for regularity rally creation: RR100 Timer / Tripmaster / Stopwatch

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